Rural Wireless Internet Service:

SMCE Media Market Opportunities:

Fast internet to under-served markets

Under-served communities that lack high bandwidth rural wireless internet are our market. These typically rural internet areas are typically bypassed by the larger providers due to the high cost of fiber, cable deployment and infra-structure. SMCE will target schools, government agencies, businesses, farms, and others. SMCE will acquire infra-structure (towers, antennas, and radios) from existing Telcos and WISPs that have attractive location, elevation, and a customer base.

Researchers and policymakers recognize that availability and use of high-speed Internet services – a range of connection technologies collectively known as broadband – are essential to economic growth. The United States has made considerable progress towards ubiquitous broadband access, with more than 93 percent of the population living in areas offering wired broadband service, and about 98 percent having access to either wired or terrestrial wireless connectivity at speeds of at least 3 Mbps download and 768 Kbps upload (NTIA & FCC, 2013). The Internet has rapidly grown from an academic network into a resource that is now integral to the lives of most Americans. In 2000, only 4 percent of homes used broadband Internet service. By 2011, 69 percent were online at speeds greater than dial-up. SMCE Media believes that we have more work to do and that by fulfilling its mission, SMCE Media will become a premier service player to the under-served communities.

Increased broadband use in the United States is a key ingredient for job creation and sustainable economic growth. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”) has been directly implementing this policy in many ways, including overseeing nearly $4 billion of Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (“BTOP”) and State Broadband Initiative (“SBI”) grants.

SMCE’s Marketing Strategy

  • SMCE’s approach is to identify and acquire quality owner/operator communication companies in its target market.
  • Partner with local leaders to obtain grant funding on behalf of SMCE’s clients. There are a number of grants available, for example United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Services (USDA-RUS) Community Connect grant program to bring broadband and telecom services to these under-served communities.