Rural Wifi Internet Access to Fiber Bandwidth

In Rural Wifi, Bandwidth is the most important word of our business. 

Obtaining access to large amounts of bandwidth, that is eventually delivered to rural customers, is the key to providing low-cost, high capacity wireless networks.

In many rural areas, it is not cost effective to deploy copper or coax cable to every rural customer.  The cost of the wire, and labor to install the cable is expensive.  Finally, the ability of copper wires to deliver today’s demand for bandwidth is now obsolete.

Fiber optics is the lowest cost-per-bit technology available.  SMCE must get access to fiber optics bandwidth, at wholesale prices.

In rural areas, REC’s (Rural Electric Co-Ops), have fiber optics along their power lines, and can provide fiber optics connections at their transformer substations.  These substations are located next to rural towns.

SMCE Media intends to partner with RECs to get wholesale fiber optic bandwidth, and then deliver bandwidth wirelessly to end users in order to provide rural wifi.

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